Anger Management Tasks

HELPFUL Tasks for Self-Understanding and Healing

  • An Escalation Prevention Plan

    An inventory of cues and triggers that indicate when you are becoming escalated, stressed, tense, and angry, together with a list of de-escalation strategies.

  • An Escalation Diary

    Use this diary as a way to start noticing your anger cues and triggers as you go through your days.

  • An Assertiveness Journal

    Document how you are using or not using assertiveness skills in your life and to look at specific ways to respond more effectively when you want or need to be assertive..

  • An Anger Analysis
    An exercise to get a better understanding of what you anger feels like to you, what you get angry about, how you learned to express your anger from those who influenced you in your life, and how you can begin to change the way you express your anger when you experience it.

  • An Anger Journal
    Use this exercise to become more familiar with your escalation process, to get more information about your "triggers" and cues, and to come up with more effective ways to handle your anger when it arises.

  • My Personal "Anger (aka Life-Skills) Toolbox
    Create an inventory of your very own anger management tools and strategies.